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Guess And Alibaba Use Artificial Intelligence To Reinvent Retail Fashion

Shoppers logged into the store using a mobile app, with the option to have their faces scanned for a more personalized experience. They were then free to browse the store, and a nearby mirror would show related information whenever they took an item off the rack. Customers could use the touch interface to interact with the mirror to see different colors along with personalized mix-and-match options and accessories to complete the look, along with where they could find the items in the store. Additionally, shoppers don’t have to lug around a pile of clothing. They can use the smart mirror to add items to their cart, and store employees will have their picks ready for them to try on when they go to the fitting rooms. There, they can interact with additional smart mirrors and the FashionAI to further adjust or customize their look, while the staff is alerted to changes in real-time. The clothes they try in the store will show up on their mobile apps, which will offer further mix-and-match options from Alibaba’s ecommerce sites, Taobao and Tmall. In a related press release, Guess Inc. said, “Besides the FashionAI concept store’s futuristic appeal, the project was aimed at providing a better retail experience for shoppers and to help brands better use analytics in ordering and maintaining inventory.” Although fully automated, unmanned stores already exist in China, they’re mainly convenience stores. Fashion is a completely different beast. An outfit that’s perfect for one person might not be to someone else’s taste, which is why this was a major test for the artificial intelligence.

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